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K9 Krackers

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From Left to Right              ( All our babies  are no longer with us)


Carrie: Our first Border Collie. Truly versatile-Crufts qualified for life in the show ring (1 res CC), worked A+B in obedience, worked sheep, played at agility...She was the mother of Minnie & Shelley.


Benjy: My first obedience dog worked A+B, played at agility. a real character and the dad of Minnie.


Minnie: Daughter of Carrie & Benjy. Our beautiful Collie x. Worked C only in obedience and played at agility... She was my "Little Princess"


Shelley: Daughter of Carrie. Our Obedience dog of a lifetime. She just loved to work. Worked Championship obedience qualifying for Crufts twice. She also worked sheep in her spare time.

Our Dogs      Past and Present

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Widget: Sadly no longer with us. Quirky, Independant, a real challenge to train, but with heelwork to die for. She worked C in obedience but sadly never reached her full potential  as we gave up competing when she was in her prime.

Maddy: Sadly no longer with us. Our rescue labrador found wandering through Rubery. She was heavily in milk with no sign of owners or puppies. Never found her owner. Scatty agility dog that never competed.

She was a great dog to use with "dogs with issues" as she never bothered about dog barking and lunging around her....

Dilly: Our First Agility dog to compete has taken us from complete beginner to a Grade 7 Championship level. She was originally bought as a pet but she had other ideas. Her potential and enthusiasm could not be ignored.

She passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen awards by the time she was 6 months old.

Holly: She is the youngest member of the family and like Dilly is very keen on her agility. She is extremly fast and a little hard to control at this early stage.

When she is good, she is very very good. She is currently  just turned 3 years old and is working Grade 5 with 2 wins towards grade 6.