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Gary has been training and competing with his dogs since 1978.  His first obedience dog , Benjy was a Collie/Setter cross.  

Gary & Benjy attended a local dog training class, and Gary was hooked from then on. He soon became an instructor at the club & proceeded to enter obedience shows and quickly climbed through the various classes.  

Although Gary is very competitive in nature, his dogs  are very much part of his family & their health & happiness come first.

It is very important to him that his dogs enjoy training & competing & because of this,  his training methods are reward based thus forming that all important bond between owner & dog.


Gary & his partner have, together, trained & competed in obedience with 5 dogs , one of which, a homebred border collie Wyndsend Enchantment  (Shelley) competed in the bitch championships at Crufts twice.

During this time, Gary also judged at obedience shows.


On being made redundant from Rover, when it closed down in 2005, Gary started his own business

(K9 Krackers ) which mainly concentrates on dog agility training .  

His first competitive agility dog has qualified into Grade 7 ( championship level ). His agility club has numerous members competing successfully, with a range of different breeds  & last year 2011 the club was promoted into division 3 of the Agility Club league. The year after  the club was promoted to Division 2.


He is very supportive of his club members & likes to see them doing well. He  is often seen walking courses at shows with them & giving them advise on the best way of running the course successfully.

Many of his members do not compete & just go along because both they & their dogs really enjoy the training !

Gary  appreciates that not all people have the time or commitment to produce such a dedicated partnership, but strives to help  people to gain that all important  bond with their dogs.


He doesn’t believe that in "dog training  & agility"that one method suits all & has various methods to suit different handlers & dogs & is always open to new ideas.

Gary has attended a lot of courses on various dog related topics, including obedience & agility courses hosted by top instructors/competitors, behavioural courses & courses relating to fitness & warming up techniques in dogs.

He is a fully qualified instructor /member of ADBT ( Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour )