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Dog Training


We are Kennel Club Registered to promote Responsible dog ownership


We provide Group  training classes through Wyndsend Dog Training Club for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme:


Puppy Foundation Course        

Bronze Course

Silver Course

Gold Course


All classes can incorporate body awarness exercises, core strengthening and flexibility exercises.


We also incorporate Agility Foundation training in with the classes to provide varied stimulus for your dog.


We have facilities to cater for a few "Dogs With Issues" that can be dealt with on a 1-1 basis while other classes are running


Do you want your puppy to get a good start in life?


Home visits available for owners with new puppies that are not fully vaccinated so therefore too young to join into our puppy foundation course.

Your puppy is learning from the day it comes home so it is vital to get off on the right foot from day one.

Advice can be given on basic training, feeding, toileting, crate training etc.

Home Visits  £30.00 (approx 60 mins)


In home training is also available for dogs and owners who cannot cope with a class situation or who want individual training.



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